nak habuk tak? kalau nak, meh dengar i speaking meh.

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would you like me to help you translate my title above? ha ha. this will be the start of all the dust.

well, this is because i am going to sit for an english exam tomorrow. it's final exam, people. i couldn't resist to study hard at this very critical moment. but still i write up this entry specially for all of you.

so, i would like to share with all of you on how to write an ACADEMIC REPORT WRITING. a good one, okay? see. all in english. i used 'okay' instead of 'ukeh', right? he he.

let's get it started, y'all.

okay based on my experience, first of all, my group and i, we picked a title or we usually called it an issue, and make a research on that particular issue. to get it more interesting, you need to choose a title based on any current issues. this will help you boost up your performance in the research. fresh issues, great discussions - all are easy to be found on the net.

next, follow this steps:
make a proposal for the research; include these :
  1. title, background information,
  2. statement of problem,
  3. purpose/objective,
  4. research questions,
  5. significance of the study,
  6. scope,
  7. methodology for data collection,
  8. work schedule, and
  9. call to action.
the research proposal is just to grant permission from your lecturer to further the research. if your lecturer accept your proposal, then you can proceed with further research. if vice versa, do ask her why and get some advice or maybe you can change your title of research.
so, assuming your permission granted, you should then proceed with collecting data. there are two types or ways in collecting data.
  1. primary data

    • observation
    • questionnaire
    • interview
  2. secondary data

    • journal
    • books
    • magazine
    • encyclopedia
    • newspaper
    • etc.
make sure that you get a real data that you could handle easily. in other words, you need to understand what you really want from the collection of data. you will be able to analyze your data by using spss or microsoft excel, for simple example. i am not so sure about spss. but i think it is quite popular among big organizations. anyway, you can just use microsoft excel. it is easy and interesting too. you can process the data using pie charts, tables, or any other tools that could help you analyze your data in a very effective way.
so next, it is advisable for you to send a draft for your lecturer views. you can submit as many draft as you want to ensure a better report in future. if you don't want to do so, it's okay. you can just proceed with your report. a full report. make sure to be more serious in preparing the full report because it is really important to have good and brilliant contents in it. take note on what i am going to tell you after this. a complete report should have these, people:
  • abstract
  • acknowledgements
  • table of contents
  • list of figures
  • list of abbreviations
  • introduction
  • literature review
  • methodology
  • findings and discussion
  • conclusion
  • recommendations
  • references
  • appendices
once again, do send a draft or two to your lecturer for a better complete report later. it is not for your lecturer's sake. it is for your own sake, believe me.
after you seek for your lecturer's advises, you can finally submit your completed full report and feel proud of yourselves. don't just copy paste and edit some on others work, okay? make sure about that. okay. i think that's all for now. well, last but not least, good luck to ac-asiah and all my scj-ian friend, especially for your uhb2422 english final exam tomorrow. do the best. remember! do not study hard but study smart. just like me. he he. joke joke. okay. bai bai. eh? finally out of english all of a sudden? what a shame la me. alright alright. bye bye.
p/s : yeye o je alarm clock kat phone bunyik suruh buat permohonan kolej. padahal 7 april 2010 mula jam 10 pagi. semangat nak kp tak agak-agak. ukeh yok tido. kalau tido jam 10 akan sampai dengan segera. eh? malay language? saya sayang bahasa ibunda. hihi.
p/s/s : so, cukup berhabuk atau tidak? he he he.


green said...

bergaya la kau..haha, dgn lagu taylor swift kat bilik..u ready girl!


itisrajah said...

daya - paling bergaya kan aku. haha. now i go girl! =)

AkuAyie said... mmg utk english kelas ke?
your english is good. :D

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itisrajah said...

ayie - ha ha. ye la. special punye english class tau. anyway, thanks for the pujian. =)

eppiey - teruja ke tergendala? ha ha.

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boss said...

ok.. not bad.. but i think you have used to much comma in your sentence. Good luck in your exam!

itisrajah said...

eppiey - wahaha. bagus la kalau gitu. he he.

boss - thank you. well, i love comma! he he. =)

kambing said...

mase bace td rase cam tgh bace web site yg khas utk english stuff je hahaha

final exam ek???

itisrajah said...

wafa - wah! gila site khas untuk english. i ade class, gitu! he he. thank you for the wish. sabtu neh last paper, oyeh oyeh!

mizzura said...

ggod luck exam...!

itisrajah said...

mizzura - thank you! =)