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Alhamdulillah. Finally, I've done with my HCI assignment 2, regardless of whether the lecturer will approve it or not. I don't care. What I know is that I am satisfied with the working. It was very well done. Ohoho. 5 stars to our group! Haha.

Ah. I like our storyboard the most. It is really cool and very colourful. We think hard together on how to make the storyboard as a friendly-user one as it can be. Well, though it takes quite a long time, we finally finished it with satisfaction at the end.

So, we just need to be prepared for the presentation. Maybe we will be the chosen want tomorrow. Hoho. And now it's ticking me to shiver. Oh. I don't care. I'm quite happy with it.

So, time to sleep! Sayonara. Nite! -_-

P/S : Adi, sorry to keep you wait for so long and make you sleep. =(


codetkanan said...

salam kenal sebelumnya...bTw cuma mau menambahkan saja,,, kalau bisa di tambahkan dengan ada nya fasilitas shoutmix...terimakasih

itisrajah said...

codetkanan - salam kenal kembali.shoutmix?di sidebar sebelah kanan sudah ada shoutbox di mana ianya sama seperti shoutmix.anyway,terima kasih di atas sarannya. =)

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Anonymous said...

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