A Second Day That I Hate!

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I don't know why I quite hate today. Maybe because I did nothing other than went to the class late in the morning, sleep after reached my room, and looking for new template that really make me sick! Ah. I don't know what's wrong with every templates that I tried to install on this blog. Everytime I got the code pasted inside the ibox and then submit it, a page told me that an error occured. And somehow I couldn't do anything to make it right.

The other thing is that I had all my body uncomfort. Maybe it is because of the jogging thing I did yesterday. I didn't do the warming up before the jog and the cooling down after the jog. So, it might be the best reason why I feel really uneasy.

Mr Shahizan taught us a few a bout the Database Management System (DBMS) this morning. It was a really boring topic just like when I learned IT in my last semester with Mr Zaha. However, I think I would like to share about it in this blog later on. Orait. Till then. I'm going to go and eat Mee Hoon Tomyam with Ainun. Bismillah.


kacipcrew said...

waa.. i din jog for 2 months :P hols nye psl

itisrajah said...

ngape ngan hols?
kalau hols xbulih jog ye?

cHik said...


sejak bile ad hobi jogg ni??


itisrajah said...

sejak aku sedar yg aku xkengkang.