Clinique Moisture Surge.

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I got a skin problem especially my face skin. It is a little bit dry and I couldn't even get to put on any powder without put on some lotion or cream first. However, it seems like my skin face will look more dry after a short time. I used Johnson's Baby Bedtime lotion to cope that problem but the problem still couldn't be solved until I finally found my sister's backpack. There was a small green box inside her backpack's pocket. It was the Clinique Moisture Surge. I took it and put some on my face. Then I put on some powder - the common one. Then I could see the difference between my skin face once before when I used the Johnson'sBaby Bedtime lotion with this moisturiser.

So, I thought of getting it one for myself but Kak Ecah told me that the price is quite expensive. So, I don't know when could I get one for myself. But then I just took Kak Ecah's Clinique Moisture Surge. Hehe.

Now let me tell you a little bit about the product. This Moisture Sure Extended relief could rapidly boosts skin's moisture level, restoring balance. To comfort, soften and smooth in a flash. It plump up fine dry lines. Oil-free and could be used for all skin types. It could best be used under or over makeup, or as a msk.

So, to those who are still searching for the right moisturiser for your face skin's problem, you should better go and get yorself one of this Clinique Moisture Surge.

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