Last Chance.

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I have thinking about it over and over again. Finally I decided to put this as my last chance to give everything to the fullest. I've tried my best for myself from the day I knew who I really am, until today when I know that I am what I am. I've cuddled myself for a very long time and I think that now is the best time to put a big stop on it. Enough with all those nonsense thing I've been through all these years. I have lots more to think of. And most of them are really important to me and especially for my future. All I have done before were all the very best I could do and I never regret them all. In fact, I feel grateful for this loving life and warming days that keep continues from day to day pass through me.

If this is meant to be the last, then I have to well accept it with all my heart. No doubt. There must have reason on why things keep going this way. It's hard to face but yet compulsory to go through. It's okay. I'll be fine from now on. 'Segala yang terjadi tentu ada hikmah disebaliknya. Allah tidak akan menzalimi hamba-Nya'. That's for sure and I will always stick with it. No matter how far I get, how long I climb, how fast I go, I'll always put Allah number one in my heart and my soul. Thank you, Allah for all these blissful life you gave me. I really appreciate it. ALL of it. Alhamdulillah.


green said...

let bygone be bygone

itisrajah said...

daya - btol.walaupon payah.adui!