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If only I knew.. I would have grab the chance to make everything back to normal. But it seems like I have made a very big mistake and I don't have the opportunity to make it right. Oh. I'm just talking nonsense and I'm sleepy and I'm bored and I'm moody. I hate these few days. A very wicked week with a lumpy windy day. I sat back on my PVC chair and I stared at my lovely yellow flower inside a cute blue black vase. I thought of someone and there were some weird feelings came after me. I don't know what those were but I felt uncomfortable. Hem.
I guess I need more rest. I got a hard depression lately and I don't really like it because it makes my day a dull. I don't care much about what happened around me and I don't want to know exactly anything about those. I just miss my home. I miss my mother. And I miss her cooks. I really wanted to be right there beside my mother so much. I hope today will go away so fast. And for now, I just have to pretend that I love today and I love everything around me. Because I'm stuck. And I hate it. I'm done. I'm sick. I'm such a jerk. I'm suck. The End.


~ainun~ said...

balik ar jumaat nh.
dah umah dekat tak nak balik pulak..

dah homesick sgt la tuh.
sem nh mmg pack.
jd, jgn rasa beban sgt.
g kelas, sedut habis2an ilmu, balik tdo.
bgun, wat latihan.
nti x bwink la.

GagayMD said...


just live life to the fullest as u can..stay happy..take care


itisrajah said...

ainun - hoho.sebal.ari2 maken penat.sedih.ari2 lapo.duit abes kat mkn sje.aduh!

gagay - thank you!same goes to you!