I Just Love SPS!

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Today, some of my course mates and I took the SPS bus from KP to our faculty. Oh my. I just love SPS! I love the chairs. They're not that really soft but they are comfortable enough for me. I think that SPS chairs could give me the right body posture. It could avoid me from getting a hard nap in the bus, especially from KP to the faculty. Haha. Here I took the pictures of the bus chairs.

Okay. And I took a picture of a view from inside the bus. It looks nice. It was a view placed somewhere around KTC. Here it goes.

Ah. I just hope that the SPS bus could shorten it's way from college to the faculty. Since I always took the bus late, therefore I really need to arrive at the class in a very short time. And SPS is just not perfect enough for me  to get to the class on time. So, I need to think twice or tripe or more before took SPS to class. Or else, I'll be punished for coming late. Hoho.

And one more thing. I miss FKKSA bus! =)

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