Happy Belated Birthday To Me.

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I'm now a 20 years old grown up lady. My birthday was on last Friday, 9th January 2009. I thought of having a great day that particular day. However, since I woke up late in the morning and got to rush for the class, the morning looked like a dull. While Ainun and I were waiting for the bus, suddenly my mother called me through Ainun's mobile phone. I'm quite surprised to received that call so early in the morning. But then I was happy at the same time thought that she would like to wish me. Unfortunately, she told me a really-bad-news. My grandfather (my father's father) died that day early in the morning.

I was so shocked and couldn't even say a word. And I couldn't drop a tears, though. I don't know why. He is my only grandfather that I have left. But now, he passed away and left me and all his other grandchild. He is a Singaporean. So, I couldn't make a last visit for him because I don't have my passport. It's quite hard for me to really accept it - losing someone that I love. It's been a long time since the last time I've had met him. I don't remember when was it. So, I just miss him so very much and really sad for the leaving. But it's okay. It's his time. There will be my time. I just don't know when. So, I hope that those who read this post could pray for him.

So, the rest of the day was quite a day too. This week was really full of tiredness and hatred. After the last class ended at around 4.45p.m, I quickly went to JJ and took the bus back to my house. I came back home alone. Brought a heavy bag filled with my laptop along. Added with my unstable condition of health. I got a bad cough starting last week. And it become worst until today. I lost my voice. But it has been improved a lot now. But I still couldn't get the confidence to sing a song just like I used to do when listening to the music.

Ah. I kinda like disappointed with somebody who is very important to me. He made a promise and he broke it at the same time. It's okay. 'Promises were made to be broken,right?'. But I really hope that he will never do the same thing again to me because it was just like he kept playing games with me, my heart and my feelings. And I hate it.

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