Absent For Co-Q.

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I couldn't attend my co-q today after I failed to find the 'bodo' lecture room of the sports centre. I don't know how to express my feeling but I just hate the time I looked stupid and fooled while searching for the place everywhere. It was nowhere in UTM. I hate. I hate. I hate. And I'm really sorry for myself for being too sarcastic and egoist. I didn't even wait for the long queues at the enquiry counter to ask for the right place. Ah. I just hate to wait long. It's hot anyway. And I'm wearing KTF's red and white long sleeve shirt.

So, I decided to walked on foot all the way back to KP alone. Hoho. It was a very long journey and I couldn't even stand on my foot for a long time. But I just having some fun for myself by took some pictures. And for the last step to arrive KP, I took pictures too to show how far have I went through. Here they go.

But I enjoyed myself, overall. The most important is that I feel like dropping the subject. Huhu. Poor me. It's just like I have to get to the 8th floor of U5 by taking the stairs. They are similar. And I hate both.!

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