High Heels???

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Women love to wear high heels - not including me for sure. Haha. I don't like to wear those because for me, it looks so uncool and may cause an uncomfortable circumstances due to the very high pressure under my feet. Some says that it is good to wear high heels after the reason that it might contribute to a good body posture. One of my college's friend told me that when we wear high heels, we will be at the correct body posture. However, I found out that the facts is in the opposite. High heels are dangerous to our health.

According to the team of Harvard researchers, wearing high heels is linked to 'knee osteoarthritis', a painful, degenerative joint disease characterized by the breakdown of the cartilage surrounding the knee. Women know that high heels are not good for them and they don't deny it could only caused them to uncomfortable. However, they still refuse to change it to some flat heels. Mark it up to the price of beauty.

A study by the American Podiatric Medical Association, 39 percent of women still wear high heels daily. This is down from the 60 percent who wore high heels back in 1986. This same study showed that 42 percent of women would wear uncomfortable shoes and that 73 percent had shoe-related foot problems.

Common ailments from wearing high heels are :
  • Calluses and heel painwere the top shoe-related foot ailments.
  • Women also complain about such conditions as bunions, swelling of the joint at the base of the big toe; hammertoes, a permanent bend in the middle joint of a toe; neuromas, nerve problems that cause shooting pains into the toes; ingrown toenails; and even stress fractures. 
So, I think that it is better for us women to think twice before we choose to wear high heels. If you want to avoid those problems, we should change our heel habits. 


cHik said...

cm bgus jgk klu pkai heels..

tade la nk jln kengkang jek..


tp ko tak kengkang kan ja..


itisrajah said...

kuang asam la kau.
tgu sje nt.
ade balasn buat kau!