What A Day..!

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Hem. I kinda like hating this day - today. My girl's course mate knew why. But I just, ah - HATE! I woke up really early this morning just to arrive at the faculty on time. However, before Ainun and I get ourselves a step forward to the lift, one of our classmate told us that the schedule had been changed from 8a.m - 10a.m to 4p.m - 6p.m. What a ridiculous news! We got tired enough yesterday. Sleepy during the lecture. Bla - bla - bla. Ah. I just hate those lectures! We were fortunate to had our last bus trip back to Perdana. I'm sorry to know that my boy's course mates had to walked on foot all the way back to the same college which was really took a hard and long way plus with wasting time. We were late for our Asar prayer, anyway.

Ah. That was yesterday stuff. Today. Hem. Talking about what had happened today? It really makes sense. The biggest one. Especially during the Software Engineering subject. OMG. I should really forgot those day mare - the most mare that I hate to experience it again, anymore! Anyway, I'm on it now. I'm the one who's looking toward those hatred things. Eh. I don't hate it. I just - ANNOYED, okay? But you know. Gratefully and thankfully I had someone with me. And I just LOVE ♥♥♥ her so very much. =)

One more thing. My Computer-Organization lecturer is a man. Aha. But he's quite a straight yet a funny man sometimes. He did some jokes that could make us laugh hard but I found it hard to see any smile on his face. I don't know why. And the most unforgetful moment was when he got really mad and shown his anger by babbling and babbling repeatedly over and over again towards us - special directed to my section for being absent in his last Friday class. Hello! We didn't notice of the changes that has been made at our schedule, okay! I thought that there will be any notice on the board. But I could see none. So, it was inside the e-Learning. Huh! Shame on me. Malas mau peduli lg. He had informed us LIVE in the class, anyway. His lecture was - BORING!!

Okay. Enough of the complaining. I should really stop it. I was just came back from Dataran U4. There was a ceremony that I don't know what to call it. But it was started in a quite happy mood and ended with a very sleepy mood. Haha. I was too exhausted. It was a bad day, anyway. Really. Mayday. Mayday.

Someone special told me not to hate a person so deeply. I think that it's true. Absolutely. I should just forget about the past. What past is past. No turning back. Okay then. I'll try to put up a smile upon my face and give it just for him. Yeah. Just for him. Okay. Happy leaving, today! I'll be back, tomorrow. Wait for me. -_-

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