Result For Semester 1.

  • 2 is 20th December 2008.this morning at around 02:10:18 am,enon got me an sms - da bulih chck rsult!.hoho.unfortunately,i was really sleepy and tend to move on with my sleep.haha.n after my Subuh prayer,i get online immediately and check the was quite good.i've done pretty well.ah.if only i have had a better revision before the exam.however,i am still grateful.3.5 is not really bad.alhamdulillah.maybe i sould learn from this experience.i'll try to study more with enon and my other course mate.

ah.talking bout enon.she did really well.if i'm not mistaken.she needs 4points more to get into the dean list.wah!Congratulations,enon!you have to give me advice and scold me if i become more lazy next semester,okay?aha.well,seems like i have to get you a new mug as a present(despite of replacing ur old broken mug).hehe.ah.and a new red wallet for's quite hard to really choose one the best for you.but sure i'll try.

anyway,i got myself two new bags for myself!hehe.those would be my 2nd and 3rd bags that i buought on my own after my 1st white Converse back pack.i got my 2nd bag from Pasar Larkin and my 2nd bag from City Square.both cost at an affordable price.and the prices are secret.hahahaha.i prefer my 2nd bag because it has a very cute bear hanging on it.i'll post the photos later. =) 


~ainun~ said...

ang pon dean list la..
aku pon dean list..3.63..
>= 3.5 is dean list...
adoh..congratz to you too..
aku dh msg suma lectrer, ckp thanks..including mr.affendi hashim!haha
weyh! aku dh bli ar purse...
x yah bli dah..huhu..mug tu pon dah ok la.

itisrajah said...

ye ka >= 3.5 dean list?
ye sje kau neh.
aku xckp thanks kat mane2 lecturer pon lg.
aku nk jumpe face 2 face nt.
da beli purse?
senang ckit aku.
tp mug aku da bli.
murah sje.