Dearie Allia Syarmila Ali.

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hello,babe.i wonder how to post my comment to all of your 'hazardous' post nowadays.haha.anyway,i read about your conversation with your coach through the phone.i didn't know you were apart of the game!since when eh?i was quite surprised and proud of you babe.played as the wall?wow!quite impressive.hehe.i thought you played as the goal keeper or maybe as the defend.but you really awesome!it's quite tough to play as a know what?i love HOCKEY very much!but i love you more for sure!hehe.but now i know to whom i should ask to be my personal will be you,babe.will you?please.. =) got yourself a new boyfriend?arie?well,congratulations!i am absolutely agree that you should have just forget about your ex.what else does he wants from you after all those hard things he had done to you?hee.pity you.but pity him patient,okay babe?i'll always support you no matter what.not only me.i am sure that all of your besties will do the same.

you know what?last week,i went to an unformal reunion with my primary school's classmate.there were me,fateeha,aniza,imanan,haszurah,syalira,syafiq,and shahrir.and the best part was when we suddenly got you into our was for sure about the incident where you got shahrir's head bleeding.remember that?never forgotten!haha.syafiq(babat) said that it was first his fault.he hid your glass somewhere else and accused shahrir for it.then you pushed shahrir hard onto his head and you yourself got shocked and gone pale.haha.babat really sorry for shahrir that day.anyway,i miss that day where i could still be with you.hem.

whatever it is,wherever we are,whatever we do,i still remember you and will always do.i still love you and will always do.i still miss you and will always do. =)


Anonymous said...

mesti best reunion tu.. heheh..
sume ade ea..
ko kem salam je kat babat tu..
da bertahun2 baru nak ngaku ea...
gile ahhh..
kem salam kat sume!!!

a`a la jar..
da lame aku men hoki..
since skola mnengah lg..
tp nie ne main for piala asia tu.
lau aku men aku ne extend sem sbb game tu kat laos..

itisrajah said...

nt aku kem salam babat.
dan lain2 jugak.
dorang tanye mane roslinda.
aku pon tatau.
tp kena xtend sem?
dalam dilema gak eh.
pk masak2 la ye.

Anonymous said...

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