Nokia 6600 Fold.

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it's stunning!
wah!i really wanted to have one.this flip-up new nokia handphone looks really cool and amazing!it looks quite elegance and "pretty".hihi.just that it cost "pretty expensive".i got my cheque last night from my previous workplace.RM802/-.i thought it was RM785/-.well,it's good to have more then.maybe i could spend some to get myself a new Nokia 6600 fold.haha.come on!check this one out..!

if i'm not mistaken,it has two colours to be chosen which are purple and black.oh.this is my new sweetheart that i will love the most.hope to have one!!!

Sensuous design
  • alive to your touch - Tap twice to light up the hidden outer display and discover the time, messages, missed calls and more.
  • elegantly unfolds - Your phone opens itself in a swift, smooth arc to a gentle stop, with one touch of a stylishly sculpted key.
  • full of great features - The pocket-sized shell opens to reveal a spacious interior packed full of the features you need on your phone.
  • interior - Use large, tactile keys and an ample 2.13" OLED display delivering high contrast, 16M vibrant colours, and excellent readability.
  • imaging - Treasure good times with a 2 megapixel camera, double LED flash, VGA video at 15fps (QVGA at 30fps), and the potential to make 3G video calls.
  • entertainment - Enjoy a music player with multi-format support, a stereo headset, FM radio, and a microSD slot supporting cards capable of carrying up to 4GB of tunes.
however,if you don't like this type of phone (flip-up),nokia 6600 also comes with a slide one which is named as Nokia 6600 looks cool too.but i prefer the flip-up for my own.
so,my target is to start saving money from now on and get to buy a new Nokia 6600 fold for myself soon! =) i am really happy to know about it.i'll try to let Sony Ericsson aside for a moment.haha!


Celestial Being said...

nokia ?? hurr .. aku dah cube nak minat nokia .. tapi hatiku tetap pd sony ericsson .. huwaaa .. hehe .. tapi nice phone ko bagi info neh .. ja'a .. sorry sebab projek kita tu tergendala .. atau ko da jalan sowang2 ? .. tenet uma aku da bengong .. tak bleh nak online la .. terpaksa g kopitiam dekat2 uma aku nak online .. hurz

itisrajah said...

tuh la.
aku nak sony ericsson.
tp aku fobia.
penah hilang henpon sony ericsson dulu.
tenet uma aku pon bengong.
nt ah.
naik cuti kite smbung,orait?