I Am Still Searching For The Right One.

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i keep changing my blog's template lately.i duno why.but it takes time to really like a template.i chnge it just lyk chnging clothes.even changing clothes are seldom.hihi.i am doing great.i am typing on this blog and ignoring my it notes.i will be sitting for it paper tomorrow.yet i still lepak2 in front of ainun's laptop.hoho.i duno wether to stay in kp until when.sarah asked me to get back home by the night after my last paper which will be digital logic.and at the same tym,we(scj's mate),have planned to have some walking after the last paper.i duno which to choose.to make a decision is quite tough,especially when it involves along with 2 important thing.everything needs to be clear so that the decision will not mess up with anything that has been planned.

going to kl or not?ah.this is the other thing.the main problem is that when will be the right date to go there.i don't want to disappoint chik,though.she went to my rum for about more than once.so,this is the only chance to give a feedback for her.but i guess after 19nov is quite well.maybe 20nov.stay with her for the rest two days and wait till her last paper,and lastly,going back to johor together!hihi.never travelled so far sitting next to her.i miss chik already.


enche treq said...

aku rsa yg skrang neh plg ok kot...

itisrajah said...

mekaseh enche treq.