be strong to be strong

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my last post was on March. how time flies. it's now half of the August. so fast! and nothing happened much; or less. was planning on cleaning up the room while getting some music play on loop when suddenly have the guts to put on own domain in the address bar. and poof! here i am. writing on a new post.

since i wasn't really planning on writing a good post, therefore i will just write anything that comes to mind.

there are a lot of things to do in order to release your tension; such as:
  1. taking wudhu'
  2. perform prayer
  3. read Quran
  4. crying out loud
  5. go out with friends
  6. eat a lot
  7. watch movies
  8. listen musics
  9. exercise
  10. cleaning.. or not :P
well, different people have different ways to overcome stress, tension, and whatever you want to call it. but the list above are just some of mine.

most importantly, do not just keep it to yourself; whatever you are holding back. because that what makes you weaker in and out. go find someone that you can talk to. not to have their words back onto yours. just a medium to not let it be with you forever. just that. and just that.

p/s: the moment you realize that your are getting weaker, is the moment you are actually getting stronger. Allah will not oppress His servants; according to their ability.

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