eleven things i hate about me.

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  1. i am getting fatter. no no. i am fat oredi. =(
  2. i slept more and more today. and i still feel sleepy.
  3. i broke my 7 years old beloved black q&q watch and lost a not-more-than-a-month new q&q watch.
  4. i have to use my pink princess watch with snow white lights in it.
  5. i am so lazy to go wash my clothes that i left in the toilet this evening.
  6. i still have no mood to study operating system eventhough it will be my last paper this saturday.
  7. i don't want to go have my bath. isk isk isk because i think i smell good.
  8. i could not believe that i am using other's lappy because mine is at the hospital right now.
  9. i haven't go jogging and exercises for a very long time and these are the reason of me becoming fatter.
  10. i lost my appetite and i have no clue why.
  11. i miss home and mom and ilham soooooo bad.
p/s : neh namanya perempuan tak bersyukur sebab ade perkara perkara yang dia benci. so, tolong jangan contohi dia. ape ape pon, alhamdulillah and thank you Allah for everything. i love Allah with all my heart. =)


aming said...

lol..bia btol mu gemuk leni..hahaha

pa'e... said...

ermmm iyek...cik aja gmom cket dri papan lapes yek...uhuhuhu...p mkn sne!!!!!!...

itisrajah said...

amin - seyes weh. kau tak nampak aku yang gemok neh. tak payah la tengok. wat malu je. isk isk isk.

pa'e - ha ha. kamu sangat memahami kita. sayang kamu!!! ye la. gi makan angin la neh. hi hi.

botak said...

ni mcm nama lagu je.
patutnye bukan 7 things je ke?

itisrajah said...

botak - bukan ah. neh salingan daripada tajuk buku cerita "ten things i hate about me". i just add one more and make it eleven. he he.

aming said...

lol..bkn mu nk jd gmuk ke mu kte dulu?

itisrajah said...

amin - memang ah. tapi da terlebih da neh. benci neh!