i care!

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but i never say i don't care.
especially to you.
especially to a person that i trust the most.
that i love the most.
that i care the most!
i never thought that you dare to said that to i don't know who but i think the who person is me.
terasa, ofkos.
i posted mine randomly.
it was while i was listening to a song.
so i just posted it with no reason.
no reason, fellas.


you said that it seems like i am ignoring you.
but hey!
do i have to always show you how much i care about you?
i didn't put you in the eyes.
i didn't put you in the ears.
i didn't put you on the hands.
i didn't put you on the legs.
i put you in my heart.
which it is a place that everybody care the most.
yes, i care too.

i don't know how this could happen.
i love you.
more than you know.
more than everybody knows!
you just care about how much i don't care about you.
what about you?

jangan mintak aku ungkit benda yang da lepas.

sebab ia sangat amat menyakitkan.

i guess you are right.
i am all that you thought of.
but remember!
i got thoughts of you too.
but not the thoughts of what you have just did yesterday.
you broke my heart before.
and you did broke it again, yesterday.
it has been twice now.

memang tak bulih elak.
lumrah agaknye pisang berbuah 2 kali.

it's ukeh.
i love number 2, anyway.
i love twice, too.
and it's fun.
bla bla bla.

i don't know what i should do know.
i am in a deep hurt.
you too?
who cares?
*demn me*

should i cry when i look at our pictures together?
should i cry when i read your blog everyday?
should i laugh when you said you don't care about me?
should i?

it's ukeh.
i guess it's time for me to realize how much i 'perasan sorang-sorang' all these times.
but i don't want to throw you or destroy you or abandon you from my heart.
hey, you can never be replaced.
no matter how hurt my heart is, you will always be my lover.
even if you don't feel so.
even if you don't want so.

i am so sorry to ignore you.
my fault.

just, one thing.



green said...




the_m said...

urm. doakan ko move on.
wit bless all the way.
plisz beb.
4 ur own good.
missing the post when ur not too involved emotionally.
nway, its urs.
im jus hoping u have a good life.
syg ko aja.


nice blog :)

kurungmelayu said...

aku juz nk ko dga lagu 'i dont care' 2ne1...

itisrajah said...

daya - seseorang, daya. =)

m - m, thanks a lot. kate-kate kau sungguh memberangsangkan aku. itulah istimewanya kawan. sayang kau jugak. =)

syafiqah - thanks! =)

ejat - kau tade bg aku pon lagunye?