Knowing - Nicholas Cage.

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Oh. I watched a movie today. "KNOWING" movie. The main actor is Nicholas Cage. Hoho. The story is quite good except for the last few parts. I don't like the ending very well. Ukeh. The story is about knowing something that might happen in the future. And it was first determined by many numbers - undefined numbers. So, just imagine how your life would be when you know what will happen in the future. The best part is that, only the chosen one will stay safe. In fantasy or in movie, I believe it can be like that. But in reality, I don't think so. Only Allah will stay forever. Anyway, I just enjoy watching it today. The action really stunning. Love! And one more thing! Nicholas Cage looks old. Really old. Hoho.

Nicolas Cage ... John Koestler
Chandler Canterbury ... Caleb Koestler
Rose Byrne ... Diana Wayland
Lara Robinson ... Lucinda Embry / Abby Wayland


AkuAyie said...

wehh...aku tengok trailer dia kat tv, cm best!! nk gi tengok nk g tengok!! =D

itisrajah said...

AkuAyie - g ah weh. besh mmg besh. dia punye action mmg power la. mau tgk lg! nk2 lg tym kpal terbang jatuh terhempas ngan train dia terbabas. peh. ngancam! kalau kau nk g tgk, ajak aku skali! hihi.