HCI Is Over Now!

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Haha. We are already present our HCI project this evening. Eventhough we arrived at the faculty a little bit late, we still feel quite satisfied with our work. Hoho. Not we maybe. It's just me. Aha. Now I have already finished or done my SE and now my HCI. So there will be a few more works left. Database and COA. Oh. Oney-oney sayang. Huhu. I went for a jogging from K9 back to KP through a shortcut at KTC. Haha. After that, M, Ira, and me took 3 handballs from Ilu's room and played together at K9 court. Just the three of us. There were those people from nowhere, did the fogging thing at K9. Banyak nyamuk AEDES la kat K9. Hoho. So, I am now really tired. I hope I could sleep earlier tonight.


green said...

selambe badak je ko letak gamba2 tu

itisrajah said...

daya - gamba mane weh? hahahahaha!