A Happy Ending Story.

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Finally I've done with my SE project. I was really busy lately perfecting the project. It was really a very hard work. Alhamdulillah. We did it very well. Oh. But the due date has just passing by. We actually need to submit it by yesterday (11th March 2009). However, before passing the full report to Dr Dayang, we met her first and ask her about how it will be. Then, she wanted us to repair here and there. So, overall, I bound it all up and went to K9 for the binding process at about 10++p.m. Wah! What a relief!

Hehe. Ah. I went to the Perfect Clone at K9 with Fadh and Syaza. On our way back, Syaza were accidentally bumped onto a small snail. 'Siput babi' in English is what eh? Hehe. Pity that snail. Ukeh. The plastic bag that contained the project report was too heavy. This is because it is really thick. Thicker that my Database lab book. Hoho.

Late at night, I ate fried fries with M, Ainun, Fadh, and Pa'e. The fries were damn delicious but quite salty. I love. I love. ♥

Hem. Last thing is.. I just can't wait to finish up my 'Does My head Look Big In This' novel which I bought it from Popular bookstore at City Square last weekend. Oh. The novel is too thick. Eh. But my SE project report is thicker kot. Hehe. Anyway, I really enjoy reading the book. Hihi!


Muhammad Ijam said...

kem slam kt cik fad...

Anonymous said...

npe tak citer pasl kiter?

kiter p0wn mam kentang tgh mlm jgk ape????


aming said...

sabik pom sbuk smcm je..

itisrajah said...

Ijam - haha.tuh la.mase makan2 kentang tuh ngumpat2 kau gak.haha.ukeh2.nt aku kem salam.

Chik - cerita kita cerita rahsia. =)

Aminx - sapo sabik weh?