We Are Pious. We Believe We Are Good.

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I had some conversations with two of my course mates - Nabilah and Shahira today, on our way back to KP. The topic is more about this pious thing and added with some religion stuff. We agreed on most of the opinion that each of us contributed. We found out that this pious thing with pious people have something to do with a demand thinking and annoying sense. And then that it where the story begin.

Most of us see that those who wear big scarf (tudung) are very well behave and are common to be called 'pious'. Oh. Not only that. Addition with those who wear 'songkok haji' and walking straight forward with heads down and sometimes got bumped into things around them. You know what I mean. They are well behave, I believe. The thing is that are they really that type of person that we all think? I don't know. But it seems like not all of them are meant to be that way. Only fews of them are.

It's true. My oldest sister once told me a story about her old friend where she met once at her batch reunion last month at Gunung Ledang, if I'm not mistaken. One night, she went to each chalet and asked for them whether they would like to join the other members to have some chatting - about life, study, problems, and etc. Then, suddenly her friend pushed her away and closed the door while mumbling a word. A mean one. "Sorry! We don't eat our own relatives' flesh." Oh. What on earth was she thinking at that particular time? My sister didn't said that there will be any bad stuff talking. Bukan mengumpatlah! That was it! How silly a pious person could be when it goes to face a thing like that. Very narrow thinking!

Please. I'm not saying that all pious people are bad. I did believe they are good. Very good and well-respected. But somehow, I believe too that there are some of them who don't act like they are. You know. You couldn't force other people to be like you. To follow you with your own way. And If you still want to be like you, you have to do it in a right way! There are lots of right ways to get them with you. Don't just take it so simple. Bear in mind, people. We are not all noble. We are just normal. And we need a time to be an extra normal person. Don't force people to follow you. If you think that you are good enough to be followed, then behave like one! I am very sure that there will be at least a person that might follow you. Oh. I will too. I admit.

So, please again. Think before you do something. People will talk about you here and there and they will judge you all over before they could believe in you. I'm not a good person but I've dream to be one. And I'll try. Of course, in a right way. InsyaAllah.


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