Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday? Happy Birthday!

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Well, today is 12th of January 2009. It's my friends' birthday! Azian Azman, Aniza Sarmin and Siti Suhaila are my beloved triplets friends who are celebrating their birthday today. Well, Happy Birthday, friends! So, we are now 20 years old and we are going really mature. I feel like it was just yesterday since we all met as we were only in primary six and in secondary one. For all these years, all of us have been so much missing each other since we have met so very less. Especially JC (Siti Suhaila).

So far as I know, Azian is currently working at one of the 7eleven store somewhere around Johor Bahru while having her 3 months holiday. She is actually studying at Monash University in Sunway. Aniza is working at the Maybank, one near the Public Bank at Taman Pelangi if I'm not mistaken. She has been working there for about one year and a half since she was 18. She is really a dedicated person and she has changed a lot and I love her more and more. She looks more cute and pretty wearing her scarf. Hehe. While JC is still studying at ALAM (I don't know the long name of this place). I still remember once when she called me late in the morning at about 3 o'clock. She called me right away from a place in oversea. I couldn't remember the name of the place. But I was so excited and sleepy at the same time. But I was grateful and happy to know that she still remember me. Oh. I just really miss her.

I don't have much time to post their picture here. But I'll post if I have an extra time next time. So, to the three of you, I just hope that this new age may be a very blissful moment for all of you and sure for me too and to everyone. May you all achieve your target and be success in whatever you do in your live. I'll pray the best for you guys. Hope that the friendship that we have will last forever. InsyaAllah. Amin.


Unknown said...

happy belated birthday...hope your life going better and better..:)

itisrajah said...

thanks a lot,sharulazlan!