mad at you, pal!

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i am going to write this post in english because i am now feel really mad at someone that i know well.
i don't want to state whether the person is a boy or a girl.
i just want to state that how disappointed i am that the person could have done something not nice to me.
i feel hopeless.
i put a high trust in the person.
but look what the person has done in return?
the person is just too annoying!
the person is close.
but i feel that the person is far away from me.
very far.
i never know the person's intention of doing this.
but perfectly, the person is pathetic.
and i am now in a not-so-good mood.
however, i know that i have to be calm and just be cool.
i'll try my best to let it go.
like the sun goes down and let the moon shine.
and me,
i want to always be a star.
i duno why.
but that's all i want.

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