I Do Love You, Pretty Woman.

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I feel the breeze of the dark tonight,
I hear the sound at the speed of light,
I touch the unseen heart of mine,
And notice of the emptiness inside.

I step forward to a small house,
I drop my shoes beside the door,
I smile upon her pretty face,
And leave aside whatever that fakes.

Just now I ate a plate of rice,
Beside a woman that give me life,
And pour her love without a sigh,
Comfort me well, tender with soft.

But then I saw tears dropping fast,
Up from her eyes going down to last,
Makes me wonder about the sober,
That shake my soul so deep that hurt.

I swear to God I'm gonna change,
To be myself more good, more well,
Prove her that I am still the one,
That she could really rely on.

I love her more with all my life,
I love her much that makes me cry,
Whatever it takes will never be doubt,
I'll keep this promise till death, I swear to God.

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