What's Your Tweet Worth?

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If you are on Twitter, I guess you know how does it works. I did know how but just in a basic way. However, if you are blogging to make money at the same time, Twitter is one of a good way to make a great traffic for your blog. You just have to simply follow other Twitter and they might follow you back. And the other thing is that you have to update your status on Twitter so that your follower could know what you are currently doing.

The other thing I discovered about Twitter is about how much does a tweet could cost. I check my tweet cost using What's Your Tweet Worth. But, before that, you are required to have a Twitter account one for yourself. I'm getting curious to know the cost. And I found out that whenever I added my followers, the cost will increase. Oh. I like! =)

So, why don't you try to have one for yourself? The bird is really cute!

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