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Now that I knew about it. Only now. It has been very long that I really dying to know about it. I don't bother to ask. Just keep it silent for sure. And hope that I'll get to know it soon. And now that I already knew it. Yep. So very soon. I don't know what to say. I don't know who's fault is this. So far as I concern, the story should has started a long time ago. But it hasn't. So now it seems to reach to it's end. I'm glad now I know. And I'm, disappointed that I knew about it only now. Whatever it is, I know now. Done. The end.


~ainun~ said...

what you have know that you just know now?

itisrajah said...

sumthing that i want to know a long tym ago.
very long.
and it was a really tough one.
i'm happy and sad simultaneously.