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It has been quite a long time since the last time I updated my blog. Oh. Blog yang kat Wordpress tak payah cakap. I couldn't even reach to the admin site. Wah! So miserable. Ah.

So, everything that happened for the past few days were awesome and not. I went to Abeida's (Fath's sister) wedding ceremony. I felt like it was just yesterday I play and have fun with her as youngsters. And now she is married and has her own family. Sure the situation will be different. Whatever it is, she looks great and fabulous in her wedding dress. I just love to see her in that outfit. So I met Fath and her family at her home on 14th March 2009 which was on last Saturday. By the time I got there, it was raining quite heavily. But I just 'redah jer' and reached her home safely. And oh! I was accidentally got the chance to shot the bride's family photos twice by using a camera-that-I-would-love-to-have! Hehe. The first shot was counted in 1. Yep. By mistake! It was my first time anyway! And the second one has been counted fully to 3. Yay me! I did it!

Kecoh betul aku neh. Haha. Peduli apa! Ukeh2. And now I'm back at KP. Wah! The internet connection is just bloody too slow. Hoho. I couldn't even have the chance to read my email at Gmail. So, I just get myself busy into some HCI assignment that 'diura-ura' need to be submitted by 19th March 2009 which is today. But Ejat told us that the class has been canceled. Oh. It's ukeh! I'm just happy with the news. Haha.

Ukeh. Now we have some problem here! And seems like somebody had successfully fixed it. And she deserves to get a reward for that. Later! =)


Anonymous said...

Ingat, Taqwa is the best bekalan.... Hendaklah kamu bertakwa jika hendak berjaya.

itisrajah said...

Betul tuh.
Terima kasih di atas peringatannya.
Sama-samalah kita.

lunaticg said...

Great rambling. Who is that in that picture?

aming said...

woohoo..smat pic..

itisrajah said...

lunaticg - yup!that's me in the picture. =)

amin - smart ah?hehe.tenkiu2! =)

Anonymous said...

Kalau jumpa kat mana2 kat U, tegur-tegurlah ye...mana tau , boleh makan lunch sekali ke...hehe

itisrajah said...

cyza - haha.serious neh?bulih2.sounds good.tanak kalau jumpe la.mau jumpe ngan sengaja.haha.

kacipcrew said...

o kecik tangan.. O_O

Anonymous said...

I like that picture and you have a nice blog! :)

itisrajah said...

kacipcrew - haha.tgk org la. =)

Norhafidz - thank you so very much! =)