Hip Hip Hooray For Sarah.

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My sister, Sarah just got her SPM result this morning. And it was a great news for me. She got flying colours. Eventhough there is a D in her result, I still think that she is the best. I know that she can do it very well because she has a high determination in achieving a good impression from people around her. You know. She had failed so many times but still she could get herself up and never give up. She once told me that it was really sad and disappointed to have nobody to support her. She felt all alone. There was no one when she needs help and the feeling is really hurt. Oh. Pity Sarah. But I have tried my best to always be there for her. And now, she had just proved that she can do the best for herself and for everybody. Congratulations, Sarah! May you will always success in whatever you do. =)


aming said...

waaaa...cun mcm kakak dia..
adik dia ade meh ngan muka dia..

itisrajah said...

mane sama seh muka dia ngan aku.
jauh beza!