I Feel Like Hating.

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I don't feel like posting all about my feelings but at the same time, I'm dying to keep it alone. Oh. Diary is not perfect enough for me. I need more. Not a satisfaction. Just another medium to show some feelings. 

It happened twice since I came back to KP after a short break for the Chinese New Year. The incidents were almost the same. Hem. I do not know to whom I should really tell about this. It's quite hard to let somebody know the exact incidents. But apparently, I just hate to go through it again - anymore. 

Sad things really make me weak and sad. Oh. I don't know how to cope it. I couldn't control myself for not being too sarcastic. LOL. Ah. I always talked about something that nobody could see the point. This is because I think that sometimes I don't have to mention about everything in public.

I want to write more. But Ainun kept looking at my screen. Hee! Ainun neh noty! Huhu. Later la. 


N.HIDAYAT said...

i already hating people.and i hate people make me feel dat way (in trouble)

itisrajah said...

dayat - it's good if the people realize about it and turn it to be right back.we'll both be patient,ukeh? =)