Big Bonanza!!

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I was just received a new award given by Adah. The award is all in words and there were sweet words. It was cute and I love it. Thanks a lot to Adah!
So, in order to show some appreciation to my other beloved friends; just like Adah did, I would be fully glad passing this award to :
  • Adah si chantek. I neva want to lose you.
  • AINUN my roomate.
  • AMIRAH my beloved sis.
  • AMIN my 'ganu ganu' course mate.
  • HAJAR BALKHIS my ever adorable friend.
  • XYLENE my sweet little classmate.
  • HIDAYAT my pretty old friend.
  • NIK my delicious 'mee goreng' friend.
  • DAYAH my greeny and 1st person who followed me into the failure of getting the license.
  • AMIROL my once-to-be-partner friend.
Alright! That's all. I would like to past it too the other of you. However, I think that I'll find another award for you guys. And remember! It's not like I have to give you award to show my appreciation. Once you are my friend, I'll forever appreciate you in my heart. I love all of you guys! =)


cekelat pekat said...

my delicious mee goreng....
cis sgguh...
anyway tq la krna mnjd pelanggan setia...

itisrajah said...

nik - kan nik.banyak sgt mee nye.susa beb aku nak hbeskan.wah!!!