Shopping = Wasting.

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Hoho. I'm getting curious on why girls love shopping. Nah. Not only the girls. The boys did too. Hehe. I went to Jaya Jusco Taman Universiti today and did some window shopping (because I couldn't get myself anything except for a Snickers and some Croissant Bread from SDS). Hoho. I went there with my beloved roomate, Ainun, and my beloved Wing C's friend, Pa'e. Oh. They just really love shopping! And I love to see them happy! Hee. 

While they focus on their shopping stuff, I got myself turn to some interesting spot and shot some pictures. Ah. Since Pa'e loves sushi, she seduced me to try some. Oh. I don't really like to try sushi. But Pa'e's seducing succeded when I got myself to try some sushi with salmon and the other with mashed potato. I prefer the one with mashed potato. I love potatoes! The mashed potatoes at the top of the sushi were so yummy! I'd love to try it again. =)

And there goes the other pictures shot by me, myself. It was just for fun. Enjoy shooting more than the shopping. Hehe.

Haha. First shot, he didn't look at the camera.

2nd time. There he goes! =)

Ainun bought this. The white chocolates were too sweet. Hem. =(

Ainun used to love this. A heart inside a heart. =)

Pa'e bought this. It tasted really delicious! Love it! ♥♥♥

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