Mood? = Moody!

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I don't really feel like posting about anything recently. Plus of the quite full schedule for this semester. I feel really tired today. I couldn't update anything yesterday due to the problem of the server. So, I just did some assignment and slept early. And today, I ate a lot. And yet, I still feel empty. Wah! Hem. I don't want to write more. Just feel like posting some pictures taken during the lectures. Enjoy! =)

Xylene, Nik, Fadh + Sweet little fingers. =)

Fadh, Ainun, Aja, Ejat, M. Most of the 'greeny girls'.!

Ainun with her PEACE. Aja with her 5IVE. M with her SMILE. Ngee. =P

Yeah, we got the same colour of 'baju kurung' and 'tudung'. And we kinda like it! Wiwiwi.

It's just mine. Ordinary. Simple. Common. That's for sure.


~ainun~ said...

Mood? = Moody!
so, ? = y!

jadi, Apa khabar? = Apa khabary!
Hello? = Helloy!

itisrajah said...

ainun - aku tampo kang!!!