Evening Marathon.

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Oh. My friends and I had a marathon this evening - at about 5.30p.m. We were all very excited and some of us had our strecthing or warming up before the marathon. But then the organizer of the program had a warming up session for all of the contestants. It started with a very warm and calm situation. Hoho. M who first seen to be responsible for the registration then joined us at the marathon.  

A pose before the strecthing.

A pose after the strecthing.

It was a 1.5km marathon which has been started from in front of U5, pass through some KTC's blocks and back to U5. It was a not-very-tired marathon. It's just that I went quite thirsty after about a kilometre . I started the marathon and end it up together with Fadh.  From the starting point to the ending point. We passed through our course mates - Sue, Ring (very energetic!), Nor, and the others. Finally, Fadh and I went to M who had been in front of us from the beginning. Then, the three of us run towards the ending point together. 

Very energetic Ring. Being left by Hong. Haha.

Hoho. Love this pic very 'damn' much! The checkpoint's boys.

Some of the contestants.

M got the 14th place.

Fadh got the 15th place.

I got the 16th place.

Ira and Pa'e struggling towards the end.

Cute lil' Hussin. Adore his jersey! 

One of the 'pakcik polis' who was responsible for our safety. Thank you, 'Pakcik Polisi'!

Haha. We owned our own number ourselves! Yay us! Like it. Like! Nabilah and Syaza ended it up with 4th and 10th place respectively. But when we were at the cafe, one of the program's organizer told us that the winning list will be having a small change due to some technical error. So, maybe my last place will be 17th which Amin told me that it was a good number. Okay then!

All of us after the marathon. Oh. Tired. *breathing*

We got free drink. Yay we! Oh love~

We took a lot of pictures after the marathon. But somehow there were several pictures taken by Ainun during the marathon. This is because she didn't get along with the marathon well. Her intention was to just walking instead of running. Haha. Ainun.. Ainun.. Okay all. Daa. 

Tender. Soft. Comfort.


~ainun~ said...

aku suka sapa yg tgkap pose terakhir tu..
luv da pic damn much???
i luv it *DAMN* much toooo!!

itisrajah said...

ngade seh!
kang xpsal2,nokia 6600 aku ngan blog2 aku skali virus.
kat blog kau ade gak,kan?
mesti virus gak.

green said...

peh..ak xde..jeles siot..

green said...

haha..damn pic..ak pn tau..huhu..

miss B said...

kem slm kat check point boys tuh!!
hahaha..ei akuh pon ade blog..
rerajen komen yer..hajarbalkhisramli89.blogspot.com