Happy New Year 2009!

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Today is the first day of this year - year 2009. Nothing seems to be extraordinary except for the come back of my parents from Mekah. They just arrived Johor Bahru at about 6a.m. after a long way straight from KLIA. I was a bit nervous to meet them face to face again yesterday. Ask Ainun. She knew that because I told her so. But after I met them, everything were back to normal. No hard-feelings. No curious or nervous feeling. I just love to have them back!

Ah. Talking about 2009. I bet this year will be toughest year of all. I've planned crazy things for this year. But I hope I could go through it with satisfaction. Fully. I don't want to talk more about those plans. I have a diary for myself. I'll wrote those there.

My first class today was SCD1253 - Database. I got a new good-looking lecturer. His name is Mr Shahizan and he is cute and kinda funny. I sat at the very first row next to Nik Zahirah. The MSM was just too small to get us all a computer fo each person. So, we got to share the PC. Mr Shahizan didn't taught us much. Just a simple briefing on the course outline for this second semester. It seems to be tough and he agreed and this makes me feel bad. Feeling bad on the first day of the subject? It was totally lame!

M (Hamizah) asked me to join her and the other friends for a jogging trip this evening. And now, I am still sitting on my plastic chair, in front of my laptop, typing over this post. We have planned to start the jog at 5.30pm. I'll wait for them to call me. Haha. I really hope that there will be no more evening sleep for the semester. InsyaAllah.

Anyway, wish you all a blissful new day of this new year! Forget the past and create the future. =)

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