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It's funny how in today's world, when all we need is to be pulling together, we only find the reasons to hate and to pull away from each other.

What has the term "friendship" come down to nowadays?

How do we define a friend?

How do we measure our friendship?

Do we measure our friendship by how much a person would do for you?

And how useful and handy they are to you?

I'd say that is a pretty selfish way to define a friend.

Small things are enough to rip apart years and years of friendship, and instead of straightening out misunderstandings, we are left with the arguments like who's right or wrong.

To be honest, I'm sick of this.

I can't even remember the last time I heard a beautiful story of a friendship, a never ending friendship, an inseperable friendship.

Is it too much to look at love instead of hate?

Isn't there enough pain and sufferings in this world as it is?

Can't we learn to rise above them all?

Perhaps we all should learn to walk in others shoes more often.

Or perhaps, we all should just learn how to forgive and look forward in life..

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