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I searched some keyword about 'online sontest' and found out a cool site. here are some information about the site. Check it out!
Most review sites rank web hosting companies by common terms such as “best web hosting”, ”reliable web hosting” or “cheap web hosting”. Instead, this site looks at web hosting companies from a different angle - by analyzing how many negative reviews has been made on certain webhostings. An example is illustrated below:
Analysis Keywords Used Total Results
Hostgator Reviews ”Hostgator Sucks” about 3,930
Lunarpages Review ”Lunarpages Sucks” about 1,010
Bluehost Reviews ”Bluehost Sucks” about 1,480
JustHost Reviews ”Just Host Sucks” almost none

To find out more, go to

Furthermore, i am really interested with it's very fresh contest which offered us to win a Web Hosting for a year. The contest is really simple. It needs simple steps to be done in order to win. Bloggers like us who are still using this free blog hosting and still not yet have our own hosting account, this contest is for us!

Here are the ways to collect points to win the prize :

  • 1 Point: write about the contest in your blog.
  • 1 Point: for each visitor that came from your blog post.
  • 5 Points: add to your blog post a brief description about the website.

So, if you really interested too in the contest,just Enter The Contest Now!


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