The Truth Is...

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Babe, go get yourself a mirror and look at it. I mean, look yourself in the mirror. Now you see. He doesn't even like your dressing! That's why he always asked you to wear pretty eventhough he knows that you will never be pretty no matter what! Be grateful, Babe! He did everything to make you happy. He even got so much plan for you, for your life. Come on, Babe. What plan do you have for him? None! That is your big mistake, dear. You were just a loser. You adore, you admire, you like, you miss, you love him in the heart. Not in your eyes. He needs you to love him through the eyes - your eyes! Because he did the same towards you! Don't you ever realized that? No? Never? Shame on you.

It is true that you are what you are. But his intention towards you is good, you know. He wants you to change and be someone that he could satisfy with. He wants you to be perfect for him. Because he is perfect. It's good to be perfect. But i don't know what evil have been inside your mind, Babe. You left your only chance aside. Being the real you, yourself is a suck! Nobody bother to adore or admire or like or love you. NOBODY!

Open your eyes widely. He cares for you. He cares about you. He cares for you. You need to thank him. For all these days, he have been so very well pretending that he likes you. Hey! He don't needs you. He don't even mind about you. He only needs and cares and mind about the way you look. BEAUTIFUL IS THE BEAUTY OF A GIRL. And he couldn't see it in you. Change yourself, Babe. You really need it. Change and be pretty and look perfect. Then everyone will love you. He will too.

'if my life is for rent.. and i don't learn to buy.. well i deserve nothing more than i get, because nothing i have is truly mine'

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