Something Special, Friends!

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I'm sorry for not being around lately
Sorry for not being able to spend
Wonderful times together like we did in the past
Sorry for not catching up
Sorry for being distant
It's not that I mean to
It's not that I don't care
I do a whole lot!
But having many things on my mind
And a lot of complications in my life
Being busy too, just like you
We have our own goal to achieve
And in the process of doing so
It may seem as if we have drifted apart
But, I'd like you to know that
We share something special
Something money can never buy
Mutual understanding and caring
And even if it seems as if I am distant
At times, especially now
Just remember that you'll always have me besides you
Just remember that our friendship will last eternally


Celestial Being said...

Huu .. ni nak tuju kat sape ?

~ainun~ said...

aku nk komen..dr dulu xleh..haish..
aku da wat, br 2 post.tu pon merepek ja.haha, tah pa pa.

itisrajah said...

amirol - kau dan smua kawan2 aku yang aku sayang.smua ah kawan2 aku sayang.hihi.

enon - neh da bulih komen neh.bagus2.nt aku komen yang mrepek gak kat blog kau tuh.hahahaha.